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Data Scientist/Engineer
JN -012019-3102

The Chief Data Scientist plays a leadership position in the data science department and is responsible for overseeing activities of the data science team ensuring proper execution of duties and alignment with the business's overall vision. The Chief Data Scientist proactively works with business executives in order to provide advanced analytic data measurement and modeling frameworks.
The Chief Data Scientist is a highly collaborative role that works closely with other Product, Engineering, and Analytics Teams.  The Chief Data Scientist is responsible for the Data Team’s development of novel algorithmic approaches for contextualizing location data, evaluation of data from potential business partners, as well as managing data optimization from advertising data sources, and analysis of bidding data from mobile app monetization.
Familiarity with geographic data and information systems is required. The Chief Data Scientist will regularly be working with data in GeoJSON, ESRI Shapefile, KML or other spatial data formats. Experience with spatial and geographic processing Python modules such as Shapely, Cartopy, PyShp, and others is expected.  Experience with geographic visualization frameworks such as Tableau, Carto or Mapbox is a plus.
Experience with “big data” processing (Hadoop, Hive, Spark, etc.) is recommended; raw datasets at UberMedia are often of the order of billions of rows of records per day, which will need to be processed expediently using Amazon EMR cloud resources.
Education: Master’s degree or higher in Statistics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, or any other related quantitative field. A working experience of the same is also acceptable for the position.
Experience: A candidate for this position should have several years of working experience in a data science position, preferably working as a Senior Data Scientist or similar role.  Managerial experience of technical staff is highly recommended.  Current technical staff are all PhD educated.
Skills: The candidate for this position will be proficient and experienced in scripting languages and have rapid prototyping skills.  Familiarity with Python is necessary.  Other language experience should include one or more of SQL, Perl, Hadoop, Hive, R, or related languages.